1 Week Holiday: Monday

Yes, finally I am on my holiday! It's only a week of independent study actually so I still need to finish some stuff for next week :(

Anyway, this is what I did today. Just chillin' with my laptop, listening to Spotify and songs on my iPhone (currently stuck with Imagine Dragons!) with my Urbanears Zinken Headphone. I am in love with this headphone because it's so bright and the sound quality is good too!

I used to be addicted to nail polish but since I'm taking design as my major I am very busy doing my assignment and stuff so I never have the chance to really paint my nails. I was stuck between these two: Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet or Essie's She's Picture Perfect. Yes, the colours were so summery because here in Singapore we don't have fall and winter (jealous!)

How's your Monday? Let me know!

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