1 Week holiday: Tuesday

Day 2 of my 1 week holiday!

My mom surprised me by visiting her daughter until Friday. She knew that I am broke now.

After she arrived at home, we went to the market to buy our lunch. I had to go with my favourite Hor Fun, of course.

Look at that! YUM!

Since I just bought a new camera, I decided to test this bad boy out. And of course, my mom was my model of the day.

1 out of countless pictures that I took for her...

And after that we decided to do some shopping at Orchard (I mean, 2 girls become one equals to shopping, right?) And here is my mother trying to do OOTD.

My mom loves that ripped boyfriend jeans so much

In the end, we just shopped some H&M and La Senza (not for me, for her) aaaand it's time for dinner!

It's been so long :')

That's pretty much it for today. Was supposed to take my OOTD as well but oh well....

How's your Tuesday been? Let me know!

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