Viewing Mall of Changi Airport (Terminal 3)

This was my first time going to the Viewing Mall. I knew it existed for so long but I've never been there or even wanted to go there. Last Friday I sent my Mom off to Indonesia and I thought I might see what the Viewing Mall is.

I didn't expect for it to have many people. I saw some people sleeping on the floor, reading newspaper, and even doing homework. I was quite shocked.

When I was there I was amazed by these paper plane origami. I thought it's an interesting decoration! And the fact that all of these planes represent the amount of real planes that went to Changi Airport blew me away.

When I saw some people sleeping on the floor and students doing their homework I thought "I should have done that at least once in my lifetime!"

I found this cutie running and climbing everywhere. He's so cute!

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