Book #1: Archetype

Archetype - M. D. Waters

Hi! This is my very first decent post so I thought I would share a book that I have just finished reading.

First of all I love reading. I am more towards those sci-fi and post-apocalyptic stories but I like fiction in general. Don't ask me to read non-fiction or biography though. I just can't.

Since I live in Singapore now (I am from Indonesia by the way) I don't carry any novels with me. However, I purchased Kindle for myself and now it is easier for me to read everywhere (and since I am a student, I am broke. I am that broke.)

When I saw this book for the first time, I instantly fell in love with the cover. I can explain the cover and typeface if I want to (since I am a design student) but let's not talk about that.

This book used the first-person view, which is interesting. The story itself is about a girl named Emma who wake up remember nothing (whoaaa) and of course, no spoiler here! She battles with her own self to solve the mystery and puzzles of her life.

I read it in just a week. If I am not that busy I will probably finish this in 3-4 days. I consider myself as a quick reader though.

You should definitely give it a try. I think this book is a bit unexpected! Can't wait to read the second book though. The ending was such a cliffhanger! 

By the way, I have Goodreads so if you are interested to see what I've read in the past you can just see it there. And also, it's a very good website for novel junkies.

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