Current Favourite Songs

Eat. Sleep. Play Music. Repeat.
During the holiday I've been staying at my room more than before. The traffic is making me feel more comfortable at my own room rather than going out and stuff.

I've been trying to discover new songs/albums that I've never really listen before. I use Spotify and Soundcloud as my references. Here are some songs or albums that I've been stuck into.

1. In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith
Damn his voice is like an eargasm. I've been listening to couple of his songs and wondered about the album and I finally got the chance to listen to the whole album. Everything about this album is just perfection. I personally love Good Thing and I'm Not The Only One.

2. 1000 Forms of Fear by Sia
Okay at first I don't even know who she is. When I saw her discography, I was like "wow what a quirky lady". I've heard Chandelier and instantly fell in love with it. Then I listened to Elastic Heart and you guess it, I am in love with it too. I decided to listen to the whole album and oh let me tell you, you won't regret it.

3. Earned It by The Weeknd
When I listened to it I was like "OOOOH WOW" because it sounds so sexy and sensual and just perfect as a soundtrack for Fifty Shades of Grey! Am excited to see a music video of it. I'm imagining an art music video with black and white and some slow-motion. Oh yeah.

4. Often by The Weeknd
I wasn't really a fan of these kind of bands but I was curious since he contributes to the Fifty Shades of Grey's soundtrack so I decided to explore more. Not sure about his entire album as I haven't got a chance to listen to it but this particular song just gave me chills. It's a perfect song if you just want a background music for studying or even doing work.

5. Nothing Really Matters by Mr. Probz
The lyrics is just....
If my man dedicated this song to me, am probably going to cry in happiness.

Do you have any songs that is currently on repeat? I would love to discover new songs!


  1. love finding new music x

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

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