5 Things I've Learned in Design School

Final year of study! Let's see if I can narrow down to 5 because honestly, I've leaned a lot.

1. When you think you're talented enough, you're not.
Wow okay that may sound harsh, but that's the truth. I am not saying that I am talented, in fact I am not even close! Many people might draw beautifully and can do those fancy motion graphics but let me tell you, there will always be someone who is more talented than them. When you feel so, you will stop learning new things, and that's bad!
Sometimes they're talented enough but they don't have any motivation to go to school and do work diligently, which brings me to my next point.

2. Talent is nothing without determination.
This is like my life motto. Honestly, I can't even draw. My parents doubted me when I told them I want to go to Art school because they know my handwriting was like shit when I was little. But here I am, doing well (hope so) at school.
When you have talent, it doesn't guarantee you to instantly be the number one. It's just a starter kit special for you while the rest (the not talented people) don't have any. People who are passionate and really want to learn, on the other hand, will be more successful because they want to learn and question everything. 

3. Graphic design is not just about making cool posters and instagram-worthy drawings.
It's about creative thinking too. Making creative decision is hard as hell. Everytime I got my feedback form from my lecturer it's always have "critical thinking" as things that I need to improve.
It's about the concept of your work. It's about why did you choose that particular colour. Who are you designing it for? Is it for yourself? Are there any specific target audience?
If you're thinking that graphic design is just about making cool hipster-y posters without any workload, don't ever think about applying for this.

4. Research is crucial.
To be honest, doing research is hard. In my school, research is the first step solving the project given from school. Sometimes I feel I don't know where to begin, and that's when research comes in handy.
Doing research allows you to gather informations as much as possible. After that, you can just decide which information is useful for you. Bye creative block!

5. It's not about impressing your teacher--it's about you.
Let me tell you, you can never impress your teacher. Period.
Why, did you ask? Because there will always have a room for improvement. When you feel satisfied with your work, that's the time for you to realise that you're wrong. 
And what's the point of making an artwork just to impress your teacher? In the end, YOU are the designer. You should let your own brain to decide what to do. You should feel proud about your own work because in the end, you're going to work with other people. You will never be able to do creative decision and be critical about your own work because you always try to impress your teacher.

That was quite long! 

How about you guys? What have you learned in your school/uni/work so far?

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