5 Book Recommendation

Holiday means more time to read!

As a book lover myself, I always find new books to read. I am a quick reader, meaning I can finish one book in 2-3 days only.

Don't you love those moments where you can read all the books that you've been wanting to read without realising that you need to wake up early to go to school/work tomorrow?

Here are some books that is my December TBR or great books that I've read as well.

1. Lock in by John Scalzi
I've heard good things about this book! It's about a virus/disease that makes people locked in their mind, making them unable to move or even talk. The government invested some kind of robot to help those people to do their activities.

2. The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu
I am in love with this trilogy. If you don't really fancy The Hunger Games, this is it. I prefer this rather than The Hunger Games though. Yes, I've read THG before but I find the whole Hunger Games thing doesn't really make sense. I think THG has small chance to happen in the future so it doesn't look "realistic" in a way. Do you get what I mean?
This book is about two character named June and Day. June is the smartest children in the country and comes from a wealthy family while Day is from a slum and also the most wanted criminal. They have a system where at the age of 10 (if I'm not wrong) they will have an exam to proceed to Uni. If they don't pass, they will send into a camp. You guess it, it's not a camp after all. It also involves the politic of their country, which is like THG.
I would say that this trilogy involves more romance than THG and can be cheesy to some people (as the characters are teenagers) but I enjoy it nonetheless.

3. Across The Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis
Oh boy, I really like this trilogy as well.
It's about Amy who needs to leave everything that she has on Earth to join their parent's mission. They are supposed to be frozen for I believe 75 years (or 50 years. It's a very long time for sure) but Amy woke up 50 years too soon so she needs to learn to live like the people on Godspeed -- the spaceship that carries her and her parents.
This book reminds me of The 100 as they both search for a new "Earth" to live. Am currently reading The 100 but I enjoy this trilogy much more.

4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
A very famous book, I know.
It's about a shepherd boy named Santiago who travels to Egypt to find a treasure buried in Pyramid. It has a lot of life values eventhough it's a fiction book. I can't say many things about this as you need to read it by yourself. Prepare to be amazed.

5. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
Another TBR. It involves witchcraft (coolest thing ever) and alchemy and many cool things.
This book also recommended by some booktubers so I am excited to read this in the future.
Plus, the cover design is just beautiful.

To find out more about books that I've read/TBR head over to my Goodreads.

Do you have any book recommendation? Have you read any of these books?

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