My New Holy Grail?

Such a statement isn't it? Because I finally found my holy grail for my Asian lashes

My new holy grail is L'oreal Waterproof Double Extension Curl Mascara.

My lashes is not really short and it doesn't really curl. My left eye is monolid while my right eye is hooded lid, making my lashes disappear which people can't really see. I prefer lengthening mascara over volumizing one for my lashes.

By the way, this mascara is a double-ended mascara that has white primer on one end and the mascara on the other end

This primer acts as the base for the mascara. It has fibre to lengthen the lashes. This primer reminds me of Lancȏme Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base & Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum that are also very raved by many people. I never tried the Lancȏme one before but I am pretty satisfied with this one and don't think will buy that for now. The formula of this is dry and can make your lashes become clumpy.

The mascara itself has a curved wand that really curls your lashes. I find this kind of wand really does curl since I also use my Maybelline The Falsies Mascara and the wand is the same. The only difference is that Maybelline one has bigger brush. I prefer smaller brush because it's easier to use. The formula is wet which is different from the primer itself.

This mascara is waterproof and let me tell you, it doesn't budge even when you rub your eyes or whatever you're doing with your eyes. This. is. da. shit. It takes a little bit more effort to remove though but I don't mind it at all because I know this mascara will stay on my lashes nicely.

You can't really see the primer because of the formula. You can see that it already lengthen my lashes

Oh yes baby. YAAAASSSS. It looks clumpy but I just brush my lashes every time I finish applying this mascara and it will separate the lashes.


Overall I am in love with this mascara. I say this mascara is great for us Asian who struggle with short lashes and want something to really hold he curl. It's also a cheaper alternative to Dior and Lancȏme's lash primers. Really worth to try!

Do you have any holy grail mascara? Have you ever tried this mascara?

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